Our work mission is to provide the right environment for the artwork or the object you bring to us. It has to look good on your wall, and it has to “feel” right in the frame; it also has to be handled in a safe and protective  manner with appropriate conservation materials and techniques. We like to call this Feng-Shui for the Art.


Bonjour! I am Jean-Pierre Pasche, owner and  CFO (Chief of Framing Operations…) of  Big Red Frame (formerly Eastmont Custom Framing). I discovered custom framing when I bought a bookbinding /picture framing shop in 1987  in my hometown of Montreux, Switzerland. Although a certified bookbinder, I soon realized that my interests and skills were better suited for custom framing. Since then I have learned and mastered the techniques and secrets of the trade frame after frame, challenge after challenge.

With now more than 25 years of experience – in Switzerland and since 2001 here in the US – and with an ongoing interaction with the dynamic creativity of Easthampton’s art community,  I feel confident that I have the knowledge, the skills and the artistic understanding necessary to be your trusted framer.

But art is not the only thing we frame: from full size violin to stamps, Red Sox memorabilia to counted cross stitch or diplomas, the variety of things “framable” is endless. We love this variety as it keeps us interested and excited about each new order.

We also run the Elusie Gallery in the same fabulous location, Easthampton’s Old Town Hall. Showcasing work by established artists as well as emerging talents, the Elusie Gallery also hosts fundraisers and other local cultural events.

Why the New Name?

Flashback to 2001: When I set up shop in Easthampton, I chose a business name that reflected my origins and my new location. The name Eastmont was, with the East of Easthampton and Mont of my home town Montreux in Switzerland, my way of merging the past and the present.

After more than 12 years in business in Easthampton, I felt like that name had served its purpose and did not reflect the current identity of my business in the heart of Easthampton’s cultural life. The wonderful popularity of the Big Red Frame at Art in the Orchard provided me not only with the motivation to make the change, but also with the name: Big Red Frame represents my strong bond with Art in the Orchard and my connection to the physical and cultural landscape of this area that is now Home.

In January 2014, the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce recognized Jean-Pierre Pasche with its annual President’s Award for his exceptional contributions to the community: