The upside down T as a symbol of Disapproval and Resistance.

About the Falsum concept:

Like so many, the result of the presidential elections left me in shock and disbelief; disgusted, angry and worried. In the following days, as reality was sinking in, I felt the need to show that I was not one who supported…him. Especially because, as an aging white male, I fall in the demographics most likely to have voted for…him.

At first I was wearing the Safety Pin, but that was not enough: I wanted to “brand” myself as not only someone safe, but someone in total opposition to his positions.
His initial turned upside was an easy and logical choice:
⊥ = the opposite of T.
⊥ = overturn T.
⊥ = anti T.
That choice became even more obvious when I found out that the ⊥ was actually much more than an upside down T: In algebra ⊥ indicates “a contradiction in logic” and is called Falsum. In Latin the word Falsum means untruth, fraud, deceit, and as an adjective: wrong, lying, fictitious, false, deceiving and deceptive!

How perfect! Every single one of these adjectives describes him a T.

I had my perfect “branding”, and I found this discovery so appropriate and symbolic that I decided to share it. Thank you for showing your position, and opposition to this impos⊥er with any of the ⊥ items in this shop. We will DONATE 20% of all net proceeds to the ACLU.

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